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Wow, Later Humans Will Have Sophisticated Virtual Twins

Sometimes there are people who are said to be very similar to us or are called doppelgangers. Now, in the future, it is predicted that there really will be twins with us, only they are virtual and live in a digital world. Yes, later there will be a virtual twin.

Even today, what is in the real world seems to exist in the digital world. Therefore, even virtual twins are expected to become a reality soon.

According to experts, quoted by the BBC, this digital twin is truly a replica of the one that exists in the real world. Its use is to help his twin in the real world or give him advice.

At first, your twin may be a sophisticated 3D computer model. But if it is then combined with artificial intelligence and Internet of Things sensors, it could be that the twins can learn on their own.

Tech analyst Rob Enderle believes the first version of the virtual twin will appear before the decade is out. Their existence must be considered ethically and there are rules.

“What happens, for example, if your company creates your digital twin and says, hey, this digital twin doesn’t need a salary, so why do we keep hiring them?” Rob said.

In the current world of the metaverse, a kind of twin already exists in the form of an avatar, although it is not yet sophisticated. It has many shortcomings, such as not looking alike, it is not used much, it does not even have legs. But later the situation could be different.

Currently there are several parties that create virtual twins, even if they are not human. For example, Singapore created its urban digital twin to maintain and design it better.


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