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What’s the Distinction of Android with different Working formulation

For those of you smartphone users, you must be familiar with the word Android. Although it is often heard and close to our lives, some people are still not familiar with the Android they often use.

Android is one of the operating systems on your gadget. Yes, on every gadget such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, you can find the Android operating system loaded in it.

The reason behind the many gadgets that use this operating system is because of the smooth operational experience that end users can get when using the operating system.

In addition, the Android operating system is also considered to be very easy to use, or user friendly, and can be customized. This is a factor why Android is so popular around the world.

In addition to some of the advantages mentioned earlier, Android also has other advantages. Following, we will describe some of the advantages of the Android


Open Ecosystem

The first advantage of Android is the open ecosystem. The Android operating system gives you many options for installing your favorite apps. Android comes with Google Play Store which is the official store for downloading apps from Google home.

But apart from that, you also have the option to download your favorite apps from any third party app store too. You can simply download a specific app from the developer’s site and flash it to your device to use it.

Although there are certain risks in installing applications from third-party websites, these operating systems will warn you before installing them and you will need to enable the allow option on the gadget. In essence, the android operating system gives you a lot of options when it comes to installing your favorite apps.


Diverse Choices

The second advantage of Android is a wide choice of products. Android is available as an operating system on a variety of different phones from different manufacturers. This means you can choose your favorite phone based on the manufacturer’s brand preferences.

This gives you the freedom when buying the desired phone. Moreover, each handset manufacturer can customize the UI of its phone to suit its own style.


Open Source Operating System The

third advantage of Android is that Android is an open source. This is one of the biggest advantages of Android. Since the source code is open to all, developers and device manufacturers can easily access the source code and make necessary changes according to hardware if needed.

This makes the operating system customizable based on research. Even Google can take suggestions and feedback from developers, testers, and device manufacturers and use this feedback for the betterment of the Android operating system.


Customized ROM

The fourth advantage of Android is that it can be customized. If you are tired of using stock Android and want to have some new and interesting features, you can easily install a custom ROM and improve your Android experience. There are several third party apps that help you in using the advanced features of android by using custom ROMs.

This is a very useful feature as it allows users to completely modify stock Android and you can get a completely new experience on the same old device by installing a custom ROM. Thus, the Android operating system allows you to perform many system-level customizations and upgrades that would never be possible on any other operating system.


Easy to Develop Applications

The fifth advantage of Android is that its application development is easy and affordable. Application development is very easy and affordable on Android. You can easily develop your own apps and list them on the Play Store without paying huge development fees.

The app environment is free of charge and you have the option to develop as many apps as you want and have them listed on the Android Play Store. There is no limit on the number of apps you develop and release on the Android market. This means you can save a lot of money and continue to develop your own apps on the Android platform.



is expandable The last advantage of Android is its expandable storage options. To increase the storage capacity on Android, you can simply insert a micro SD memory card into the card slot on the gadget and expand the memory according to your needs. This is really a very useful feature that you will get on most of the Android devices.

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