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To be able to have excellent ear well being, we wish to alter the Audio settings on an Android cell phone

You may set the volume high if you use your smartphone in a noisy environment. This habit is actually not good for ear health because loud noises can permanently damage hearing.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hearing damage may occur after two hours of exposure to noise 80-85 decibels, equivalent to the sound of a lawn mower.

While noise with a level of 95 decibels (such as a motorcycle), it is likely to damage hearing after 50 minutes of exposure.

So, reducing the maximum volume of your Android phone can be a good way to keep your ears healthy.

So, here’s how to set the maximum volume on an Android phone

You can also lock these settings using a PIN so no one else can change them.

It should be noted that the volume settings may differ from device to device, depending on your Android phone model.

The more applications on Android phones, of course your privacy is increasingly threatened and this is very dangerous. An easy way to increase the security of your personal data is to check the application access permissions that you have granted.

Permissions allow applications to access various aspects of your Android phone. Among other things, such as permission access camera, microphone, location, or private photos.

Of course, many apps need certain permissions to work. For example, WhatsApp requires microphone access to allow voice notes.

Then Instagram will need the app’s access permission to the camera or you won’t be able to take Stories in the app.

Be aware, you have to be very ‘suspicious’ if a particular app asks for strange permissions that don’t make sense.

Consider denying some access permissions to apps you’ve had for a while but rarely used.

Some applications may use your data for malicious purposes so that it can lead to danger. But luckily, you can easily deny the app’s permissions, locking your info and private media from malicious apps.

You can check Android app permissions and you should get used to it. Here are some simple steps you need to do.

1. Go to Settings

2. Tap Apps

3. Select the app you want to change (you may need to press View All Apps)

4. Tap Permissions

5. Change permissions using Allow or Don’t Allow

You may be able to select additional details for certain permissions such as location, camera, and microphone.

That can include access only while using the app, “ask all the time”, and disallow. You can also change permissions by type, such as photo access.

The way to simply go to Settings > Privacy > Permission Manager, then select the type and then change any permissions from those options.

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