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This is what ID cards people look like in the Metaverse

The Metaverse or the Internet of Place is slowly filling the digital space. Everything is connected, from play to work.

Now, the problem is that there is no exact method that can be used as a criterion in deciding how to authenticate someone’s identity in the Metaverse. The Managing Director of Indonesia’s Chief Applied Intelligence Officer, Budiono gave his appreciation for what can be used as a “KTP” for users of the Metaverse.

He said the discovery of the retina and the blockchain could serve as the “KTP” used in the Metaverse. But of course it requires technical support.

“We expect that perhaps in terms of hardware (eg Oculus) that can detect the retina, so that it is known whether a person is real or not, the impact will be on the identity of the identity,” Ono said, at the ‘Accenture Technology Vision 2022: Meet’ event Me in the Metaverse’, in Jakarta, Wednesday (8/6/2022).

“Both blockchains, which is why people with cryptocurrency know they have a lot of money, is because it is obvious,” he continued.

It’s true that there are no exact rules for determining the authenticity of the identity someone uses in the Metaverse, but Ono believes that one day this will come true. Furthermore, there is already a capable technology that has just been combined to create this identity verification technology.

“Later it will be even more cool. There is a technology that can verify the identity of this person, because in the Metaverse you can imitate him. One day, for example, I am Bodiono, although I look hypothetically like a woman, yes I am still discovered as Bodiono.”

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– https://inet.detik.com/cyberlife/d-6117107/ini-wujud-ktp-di-metaverse

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