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The Era Of Digitalization Is Inevitable, Minister Of SOEs: Like It Or Not, Must Face It

Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir said adaptation to face changing times is a must for Indonesia.

According to him, the era of digitalization must inevitably be faced. Otherwise, society will be left behind.

This was said by SOE Minister Erick Thohir while filling the Jakarta Cyber ​​Media Association (AMSI) seminar entitled Towards a Cashless Society at the National Library Auditorium, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/8/2022).

“This is an era that can’t be avoided, digitalization likes it or not we have to face and we can’t be silent,” said Erick.

You said the digital era changed so many aspects of people’s lives.

This can be seen from changes in the way of working, the way of doing business, to other important things in life that really need digital support.

Even though it doesn’t change, said Erick, Indonesia has great resources in making the digital economy the foundation of the nation in the future.

“Our current demographic, which is mostly young, 55 percent are under 35 years old, like it or not, our digital industry will develop,” he continued.

Erick projects that Indonesia will become the largest digital industry player in Southeast Asia by 2030.

This is supported by the potential of Indonesia’s digital economy which is predicted to reach Rp 4,500 trillion in 2030 or grow eight times the APBN.

“My question is always the same, when will this change occur if we don’t adapt so that in the end we only become a market. When we only become a market, then there is no investment for job creation and economic growth will grow bigger in other countries,” he said. .

Erick said that for too long Indonesia’s natural resources and large market had only been used as economic growth and job openings for other countries.

For this reason, continued Erick, the government is working hard to make changes by suppressing the delivery of natural resources in the form of raw materials abroad, one of which is by strengthening the electric battery industry ecosystem.

Erick assessed that taking sides with natural resources had a major impact on the community through the creation of job opportunities and economic growth.

“We are not anti-foreign or anti-foreign investment, but an even balance of growth must be ensured, Indonesia’s growth must be higher than other countries,” concluded Erick.

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