Oh, No!! In fact, 5.4 million Twitter user details leaked and hackers are selling them for 450 million rupees

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Hackers Forum is offering 5.4 million leaked Twitter user data for $30,000 or around 450 million rupees. It is alarming that the data circulated includes the user’s phone number and email address.

According to Privacy Restore, the hacked data now for sale comes from a vulnerability reported in January 2022. HackerOne briefly discovered a flaw that allowed hackers to obtain phone numbers; and/or a Twitter user’s email address; Even if it hides itself via the privacy settings.

“Just as HackerOne user zhirinovskiy described in an initial report published in January, attackers are now selling data allegedly derived from this vulnerability,” said Sven Taylor of Restore Privacy. “The post is still active today, selling the Twitter database of 5.4 million suspicious users.” Contributors

on hacking forums use the usernames “devil” and “Taylor Continue,” claiming that the record “Celebrities, to Companies, random people, OGs, etc.” “

We have contacted the provider of this database to gather additional information,” Taylor said. “The provider has requested a minimum of $30,000 for the database, which is now available due to “Twitter inefficiencies,” the provider said.”

In response to the report, Twitter said it is investigating the accuracy of some information related to the 5.4 million accounts sold on the hacking

forum. A Twitter spokesman said: “We received a report of this incident through the bug bounty program a few months ago and immediately investigated thoroughly and fixed the vulnerability. As always, we are committed to protecting the privacy and safety of those who use Twitter.” The Records:

“We would like to thank the security community involved in our bug bounty program for helping us identify potential Identify vulnerabilities like these. We are reviewing the latest data to validate the claims and ensure the security of the account in question.”

Twitter did not respond to a request for comment on what it would do with the account in question, after confirming that the database contained legitimate information contained.


Article reference:

– https://inet.detik.com/security/d-6194724/454-juta-data-user-twitter-bocor-dijual-hacker-seharga-rp-450-juta


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