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Avatars are one’s representative in their existence in cyberspace. In an effort to build a metaverse, Meta has brought avatars to its users through its Facebook and Instagram products.

Now, Meta’s chat application, WhatsApp, seems interested in “borrowing” a Facebook avatar to support their video calling experience.

Quote from Android Police, Friday (22/7/2022), this avatar allows users to replace their faces with virtual avatars. Apparently WhatsApp will adopt an avatar similar to Facebook’s Bitmoji.

Based on the WABetaInfo report, through the latest beta, which is WhatsApp Beta version, this messaging application introduced the Avatar label. There the user can see the type of avatar that the user can use.

It seems that the avatar is a clone of the 3D avatar available on Facebook. In addition to wearing an avatar as a mask during video calls such as on Zoom, WhatsApp can also create stickers of a user’s avatar, similar to Bitmoji.

This avatar feature has been known for at least a month. However, detailed information about this avatar is still very little and not clear.

Thanks to the screenshots displayed by WABetaInfo, users can now know the shape of an avatar that can be used to replace their face during a video call, which is none other than a Facebook avatar.

Users can also customize skin tone, clothes, hair color, hairstyle, posture and facial expressions. However, the variety of appearance can still be limited at the beginning of the appearance.

It should be noted that this new feature of WhatsApp in the form of an avatar seems to be still in the early stages of development. The company has not officially discussed any plans for the presence of avatars on its platform.

Apart from the avatars that will come to WhatsApp sooner, WhatsApp users could transfer chat history from Android to iPhone and vice versa.

The information was announced directly by WhatsApp on its Twitter account. They wrote, “A new way to keep track of important chats. Today you have the option to transfer the entire chat history from Android to iOS and vice versa.”

With this capability, Android or iOS users who want to switch platforms can easily restore their device chats without worrying about losing them.

“Account information, profile photos, individual chats, group chats, chat history, media and app settings are also transferred to the new device,” explains WhatsApp.

However, the company says that users cannot transfer call history and display names of users.

To enjoy this new WhatsApp feature, users must meet the following requirements.

  1. Android Lollipop OS, SDK 12 or later, or Android 5 or later installed on the device, iOS 15.5 or later (iPhone), and need to install the switch to iOS application on Android phone
  2. WhatsApp iOS version 2.22 .10.70 or later on device
  3. WhatsApp Android version or later on the original device
  4. Use the same mobile number on the old device and on the new smartphone
  5. Your iPhone needs to be reset so that it can connect to the Move to iOS application and transfer data from Android phones

6 The battery is charged or connected to the power supply7. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network or connect the Android device to the iPhone hotspot.

During the WhatsApp data transfer process, you need to backup to iCloud to use cloud storage.

The company explained that they cannot see the data that the user is transferring and that the Android phone will still have the data unless the user deletes WhatsApp or resets the phone.


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