Internet Connectivity Becomes the Main Determinant in the Metaverse Era

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General Chairperson of the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) Muhammad Arif emphasized the importance of the internet network in the metaverse era.

APJII, said Muhammad Arif, seeks to help facilitate metaverse technology in Indonesia.

“As we all know, internet connectivity is the main enabler in the metaverse era, so APJII as an association that houses more than 700 internet service providers collaborates with WIR to become a bridge to enter the metaverse world,” said Muhammad Arif in a written statement, Monday (25/25). 7/2022).

At the third Digital Economy Working Group Meeting (DEWG) of the G20 Presidency which took place at the Meruorah Komodo Hotel, East Nusa Tenggara, on 20-22 July 2022, WIR Group collaborated with APJII.

In this third DEWG meeting, the Government of Indonesia and 20 delegations of G20 member countries will discuss cooperation in handling cross-border data flows and a strong foundation for understanding cross-border data flows.

“The main purpose of this collaboration is to provide a futuristic booth experience for delegates from the third DEWG G20 meeting and support the success of the DEWG G20 series up to the 4th meeting in Bali at the end of August 2022,” said Muhammad Arif.

Collaboration with APJII is part of a series the collaboration that has been carried out by the WIR Group with various institutions and other institutions.

As is well known, the metaverse itself is known as the meeting of the digital and physical worlds.

This technology presents a three-dimensional virtual space where users can gather as a group of avatars and interact with each other in an environment that is a replication of the physical world with a number of modifications.

Meanwhile, Director of Group International Business & Government Relations of PT WIR Group, Yasha Chatab said that the presence of WIR Group in this year’s DEWG roadshow series is proof of WIR Group’s commitment in its efforts to build a metaverse In donesia.

Together with APJII, this collaboration aims to present a glimpse of the concept of the Indonesian metaverse which will later be displayed by the WIR Group as a whole at the G20 summit (DEWG 4) in Bali at the end of August 2022

. and the delegates who came to enter the world of the metaverse by providing an impressive experience at the futuristic booth,” said Yasha.

“In it, visitors can interact to try virtual reality and augmented reality technology in an interesting and fun way. Delegates can try these two metaverse technologies directly and get an impressive experience,” added Yasha.

Yasha added, together with APJII, WIR Group entering the next phase of digital transformation through the adoption of high-tech metaverse and the availability of the internet network as the main support network.WIR

Group will contribute expertise in developing technology and experience in providing the best digital solutions for partners both at home and abroad as well as contributing to the development of the digital economy in Indonesia. Indonesia.

Yasha hopes that in the future that will come soon, Metaverse can become a powerful digital economic force in Indonesia.

“By showing Indonesia’s readiness, we hope that more investors will be interested in investing in their businesses in Indonesia. This is WIR Group’s commitment to be able to continue to contribute together to build the nation,” concluded Yasha.

DEWG is a meeting of the digital economy working group in Indonesia’s G20 Presidency this year, where WIR Group and APJII as part of the Industry Task Force (ITF) in partnership with the Ministry Kominfo.


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