10 Best VR games: top virtual reality experiences For Android Apps in 2022

Best VR games: if you want to enjoy virtual reality on your Android phone, you first need to make sure that your device is compatible.

You also need to install the necessary software and configure your phone to use the VR mode. In this article, we will show you how How To Enable VR Mode In Android and top virtual reality experiences For Android Apps in 2022

The Key Methods Explained On Enabling The VR Mode

When you wish to enable VR modes, there are a few steps. It is shocking that some people don’t know the basic requirements for the VR modes or what configuration the phone needs to run them. We will start at the beginning and move on to the last point.

1. Before You Enable VR Mode On your Android Phone, It Is Important to Understand the Basics of Android.

Vr is the latest technology and trend. It won’t work with every Android phone, as you might guess. It turns out that you need to determine if your phone is compatible with it.

We are able to find the best Android phones that can run this stuff smoothly, thanks to Google Android.

One important point to remember is that VR can be run on any phone regardless of the configuration. While most handsets will be able to run the system, not all phones can provide the same quality.

It doesn’t matter how powerful your phone is. Only the resolution of your phone and the video rendering support is important. This is why you will experience more augmented reality if your resolution is higher.

We recommend that you get a phone that supports 4k video. These are the best Android phones for VR mode.

2. For a More Comfortable Experience, Adjust the VR Headset

You can simply roll the VR headset on your phone and adjust the distance between your eyes and the headset. You will be able to enjoy the view comfortably.

You will need to locate the wheel option in order to do this. You can adjust the wheel by moving it up and down to find your preferred position. The headset’s front will display the gear you can toggle.

The burning question is: How can you tell if the adjustment is correct? It is very simple. All you have to do is see the screen clearly without blurring. It is possible to start by running a test version, and then you will be able to see if it works.

3. Get the Complete Viewing VR Content

You have now completed the hardware part. Now you can adjust your VR headset accordingly. Without the software, such as essential apps, it won’t be a success.

You don’t need to worry about what VR headset you use; just download the following apps for your Android phone:

Google Cardboard App

It is possible to guess that the app will be available in the Google PlayStore. Google Cardboard is the app’s name. This app allows you to connect directly to the VR world. This app will include the following features:

  • Demo version of VR
  • Watch your movies!
  • It is easy to create a VR video clip
  • Explore the artificially augmented World
  • 0More amazing apps are available to integrate with more


Apart from the Cardboard app, you will also need the VR version of Youtube. This app is for you if you love Youtube and would like to experience the VR mode. Youtube VR Mode allows you to experience 360 video streaming from all directions.

Best VR Games

It’s easy to watch VR videos, but it would be much more fun to play VR games. You can enjoy VR mode by visiting WEARVR stores. There are tons of VR versions of games.

Keep the Google Play handy, as, without it, the default VR version of the app is not playable.

Use VR on your Android Phone With these Important Tips:

These are the things you need to know if you want to experience VR on your Android smartphone. Battery-Life: VR, another add-on, runs on a removable battery. If the battery runs out, it will stop working. This is why you should keep an eye on the battery and charge it whenever necessary.

You should take frequent breaks while using VR. It is the most sensitive device and can be damaged if you use it too often. Enjoy a video for half an hour and then unplug it to continue your journey. You may experience internal damage, or your device might lose its expected life expectancy.

Top 10 Best VR Games Apps for Android in 2022

A few years ago, virtual reality was called futuristic. But today, we can say “this is the future” already.

We agree that Virtual reality apps are still at their baby stage, but people are buying into it with Facebook, Samsung, and Google developing their platforms for PC and Mobile.

That is exactly what makes Android a really great platform for VR. It isn’t so expensive to get VR headsets for Android devices, and we can assure you that the VR apps for android are getting better every day.

Would you like to try some out for yourself? In this article, we have made a list of the best 10 VR apps for Android.

1. Google Cardboard

Google has two VR apps, and Google Cardboard is one of them. This VR app for Android from Google. This one is specially designed to help a user get your Cardboard VR headset correctly set up and offer you a tour of basic virtual reality features.

You can quickly get Cardboard-supported apps to download to your phone, load virtual reality videos, and see 3D demonstrations.

If you would like to experiment with a Cardboard VR application for Android, you will need to install the app. Make sure that you look at the best virtual reality apps for Google Cardboard, as well. If you are feeling creative, you can try your hand at creating your Google Cardboard VR headset at home.

2. YouTube VR

This app needs no form of introductions: the world already knows what YouTube does. Its virtual reality add-on for Android takes the VR experience up a tad bit by adding a VR playback feature.

You can use the same YouTube app you already have, but when you install YouTube VR, it allows you to switch to watch in VR mode. Once in “watch in VR mode,” you can enjoy cinematic viewing of any YouTube video you want.

This app is designed to work with almost all Android-supported VR headsets. However, it was created with the Google Daydream headsets and Cardboard in mind.

3. Google Daydream

Google Daydream is the tech giant’s second official VR app for android. The Google Daydream was designed as the high-spec replacement for the Google Cardboard experiment.

To use this app, you’ll need to get a Daydream-capable android phone, and of course, a Daydream View headset.

The Daydream app serves as a portal for other Daydream-supported Virtual Reality content. You can find virtual reality videos, asides Daydream-supported applications, and configuration for setting up a Daydream headset.

4. Fulldive VR

If you’re in search of a Virtual Reality focused platform that can give you almost if not everything from photo storage to web browsing, Fulldive VR is the application you need.

This app provides you with its unique VR store housing hundreds of virtual reality capable apps to install and operate via the Fulldive virtual reality portal. Users are also able to capture 360-degree photos and videos because of the app’s virtual reality camera.

Users can also check out thousands of YouTube videos available via the Full-size VR app as part of a VR or 360 3D experience. The VR Fulldive app works with every Android-capable headset, and that includes Daydream, Oculus, and Cardboard.

5. New York Times VR

Are you tired of watching the news in basic old 2D? The New York Times virtual reality app everything to the next level by giving you immersive news content.

The New York Times VR app is updated daily with videos ranging between 30 seconds to several minutes in length. You’ll find videos on this app on everything from fashion to climate.

If you’re bothered about the mobile data you burn, this app allows you to download videos to watch later, and that makes it one of the best VR applications for Android users who are mobile data conscious.

You are also given the option to play your 360 videos without the use of a headset, though the app is specially designed for Google Cardboard headsets.

6. InCell VR

Virtual reality gaming is still something new at this stage, but that is precisely what makes InCell VR unique and worth a try. It’s an educational-themed game for children who need to learn a few things about the human body.

The player takes the character of a human defender from the 2100s, miniaturized wind placed inside the human body.

The role of the player is to travel around the human body while battling off the flu virus and taking a few lessons on human biology as you play along. This VR game is fun to play, looks really great, and sounds a lot better than you think.

If you want to test the game without VR, you can switch from VR mode to non-VR mode only by holding a finger down on the screen.

7. Minos Starfighter VR

Let me put it out there that no virtual reality technology would be impressive enough without a dose of futuristic space shoot em up for people to play. That is where the Minos Starfighter Virtual reality comes in.

This one is a visual spectacle that turns the player into a space fighter pilot, fighting off alien enemies across a wide range of space environments.

The quality of the sound and graphics alone makes Minos Starfighter one of the most impressive immersive VR Cardboard apps available on the Google Play Store today.

8. Netflix VR

Netflix has been in support of virtual reality for some time now. In fact, Netflix was one of the very first adopters of Virtual reality for Android.

The Netflix Virtual Reality app for Android allows subscribers to view content via major VR headsets such as Daydream, Oculus, and Cardboard.

Viewers get two viewing modes with the Netflix VR app. The first viewing mode is a rustic living room experience and allows only a static view of the content you wish to watch.

The second mode is a void experience that immerses you in your television or movie by moving what you’re watching to match the movement of your eyes.

At present, there’s no VR-specific content on the video streaming platform, but viewers can watch the complete Netflix catalog (sans 3D). One thing is sure, immediately virtual reality goes mainstream, Netflix will begin to add VR content to its lineup, immediately.

9. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

Is there any reason why you should go out when you can get the best thrills indoors? This Virtual Reality game, as you may expect from its name, offers you the best of VR roller coaster experience there is.

It is one of the best-supported Android VR games in the Google Play Store, with more than 10 million installations at the time of writing this article.

You will finally experience real-life roller coasters if you’ve never been in one, thanks to the pre-recorded 360 videos or some 3D-modeled roller coasters it features.

The VR game is optimized, especially for Google Cardboard headsets, but you can play the game without using a headset by using your Android phone’s touch controls. This one can get addictive.

10. Expeditions

The best place to show off the potentials of Virtual reality apps is in the hands of kids. That potential has been unlocked, special thanks to the Expeditions app by Google.

Both educators and students can use Expeditions to explore landmarks across the globe that have been virtually recorded.

The app allows you to share the same virtual trips with other VR headsets, so it is just great for small classroom groups. There are more than 900 different tours for people to try out, ranging from museums to mountains.

Since it’s a Google app, the app has been designed for either Google Cardboard or the Daydream headsets.

The Best virtual reality apps for Android are still in the works Google is at the forefront when it comes to mobile VR with platforms such as cardboard and Daydream.

If you’re in the mood to experience the very best VR apps for Android available at the moment, begin with the Google Cardboard and Google Daydream apps for the best of mobile Virtual Reality experience.

If you are impressed by the virtual reality apps currently available, then get ready for the first because it will surprise you.

Though Virtual reality technology is still in its baby stage, there is no doubt that it is slowly becoming mainstream. Prepare for what is to come in the world of VR.

Of course, if you are not in the Android gang because you are an iPhone user, there is so much in store for you when it comes to VR. Kindly check out the best virtual reality apps for iPhone here.

We know you’ll find the apps featured in this article useful. We encourage you to let us know about your experience after trying them out. We also welcome suggestions if VR apps for android that you think deserves to be on this list.

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