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Professional: Virtual Footprint Influences Set of rules When Browsing In Our on-line world

Senior Trainer Sejiwa Hellen Citra Dewi reminded the importance of a digital track record or activity trace while surfing the internet. Because, it can have an impact on algorithms in the digital world.

“Don’t take a digital track record for granted because it can have an impact on our lives, both good and bad. The way to take care of our digital footprint is wisely before writing, checking digital tracks, building a positive self-image,” said Hellen in an online discussion, Friday. (12/8/2022).

Delivered by Hellen during the Webinar on Digital Literacy, More Digital Skills 2022 with the theme Getting to Know Social Media Algorithms, Friday (12/08).

Hellen added that the social media algorithm is a mathematical rule that determines how users will view the content on their social media accounts.

“Social media algorithms will sort posts based on feeds of the relevance of published content to certain users as determined by user behavior,” said Hellen.

Mafindo representative Heka Rahma Yusianti said, Netiquette or Network Etiquette is ethics in interacting in the digital space. Digital ethics are guidelines for using digital platforms consciously and responsibly.

“It also includes integrity, by interacting and collaborating positively in the digital world. Ethics exists because we are human beings,” said Heka.

Cultural Arts Activist and Music Producer Madha Soentoro explained that the algorithm in social media is a set of mathematical rules that determine a behavioral data.

The system of this social media algorithm is to “monitor” everything we do in social media which can then provide feedback in the form of an impression that we like.

“Algorithms are our eyes on social media, so we have to be careful with media,” he said.

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