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NASA Postpones Launch of Lunar Excavation Robot

NASA Suspends Flight of Volatile Exploration Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER for short), a special robot designed to excavate and search lunar water Did. The mission was initially set to embark on a lunar eclipse expedition in November 2023.

NASA is currently targeting the launch of VIPER in November 2024 to enable testing of landers carrying vehicles on the lunar eclipse surface.

Quoted from The Verge, VIPER is a major component of NASA’s Artemis program aimed at sending humans back to the moon. A rover robot is basically a vehicle assigned as a seeker.

With special agile wheels, scientific equipment, and drills, VIPER now looks for water ice that appears to be on the surface of the moon and determines the amount of water, the degree of water dispersion, and the type of water there. It is designed.

That way, if they want to mine the lunar water for future missions, they will know better where to look and what tools they will need.

To enable VIPER to reach the moon, NASA has signed a contract with a commercial company called Astrobotic through the CLPS program. This is an initiative to revitalize private companies to build commercial landing platforms on the Moon.

Astrobotic, working on a fleet of lunar robot landers, plans to use future Griffin landers to bring VIPER to the moon.

But today, NASA announced that it had requested additional testing of the Griffin lander, after which it postponed the planned launch date to late 2024. With this change, NASA has awarded Astrobotic an additional $ 67.8 million, bringing the total contract value for the VIPER mission. To $ 320. , 4 million.

Despite the delay in launching the rover, NASA plans to fly a version of the VIPER equipment on two commercial landers heading to the Moon later this year. The two landers include a lander under development by Houston-based Intuitive Machines and another small lander called Peregrine under development by Astrobotic.


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