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Lengthy Time No See, Jack Ma Stuck Having A laugh Enjoying Golfing In Spain

Jack Ma is currently in Europe. Even though he does not appear to the public, his activities are still monitored by the media. He was caught playing golf in Mallorca, Spain.

As reported, the Alibaba founder has reportedly escaped investigation or possibly punishment from the Chinese government after agreeing to no longer have too much power or control over his company.

Reports from Bloomberg say Jack Ma traveled in Europe for a long time. At the end of last year, he was also found in Europe but apparently, this time it was longer.

The 57-year-old was among others seen at a restaurant in Austria, visiting a university in the Netherlands to learn about agricultural technology, and anchoring his yacht in Mallorca, Spain.

As quoted from Mallorcamagazin, Tuesday (16/8/2022) Jack Ma used a luxury yacht called Zen. Recently, he was caught playing golf in the town of Cavia, Mallorca. Apparently, he was a customer at a golf resort in the city.

He was not alone but was accompanied by about 6 bodyguards who protected him. So, it is difficult to approach Jack Ma because he is always guarded by his bodyguard.

Even though it was previously reported that the Chinese government had banned Jack Ma from traveling abroad, after the case he criticized China’s financial system in 2020. After that, regulators closely monitored Alibaba and the Ant Group, the company founded by Jack Ma.

In its development, Jack Ma is said to have agreed to reduce his control in the company. There is even a possibility that some of its shares will be distributed to other executives.

“Jack Ma intends to reduce and limit his economic interests in Ant Group from time to time,” Alibaba said in a statement.

The Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has recently been aggressively voicing the joint prosperity program so that prosperity can be more evenly distributed among the Chinese people. So companies and famous people like Jack Ma are being watched more closely.

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