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Jack Ma’s Warning: Smart Alone Is Not A Guarantee Of Success, But

Jack Ma when still not in trouble with the Chinese government, often offered valuable advice. Maybe the following words can be an antidote to miss his speech.

With a bit of technological knowledge, Jack Ma managed to make Alibaba a world e-commerce giant. For him, intelligence does not guarantee success. One key to success according to him is knowing how to treat people well.

“If you want to be successful, then you must have a very good emotional quotient (EQ). Because you will understand how to work with other people. No matter how smart you are, if you can’t work together, you will never be successful,” he said some time ago.

He added that the love quotient (LQ) also plays a big role in gaining respect from others.

“Many students only pay attention to intelligence quotient (IQ), without thinking about EQ and LQ. If you don’t have those two elements, you will not progress,” said Jack Ma as quoted by detikINET from SCMP.

Jack Ma admitted that he was never educated to be an entrepreneur. However, his time as class president helped him gain experience working together and dealing with others.

In addition, according to Jack Ma, admitting one’s own failure is also one of the important things in self formation.

“Many people fail because they always complain and comment on other things when they have problems. Only people who understand their problems can be successful. If you have a complaint, there must be a solution. If not, don’t complain,” he said. .

Then, he focused on the younger generation to learn from the mistakes that have been made by others so that they can face the problem when it comes.

Jack Ma also reminded them to ask themselves, how much are they willing to sacrifice, when they are pursuing something they want.

When he started Alibaba in 1999, many people said he and the dream he wanted to achieve was crazy. Interestingly, there are still 18 colleagues who are as crazy as him, who want to develop Alibaba.

“There are no crazy dreams as long as there are people who believe in them. If the whole team is filled with crazy people, then interesting things will happen,” said Jack Ma.

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