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It seems that common use of cellphones is likely one of the penalties of complications

Smartphones or cellphones seem to have become important items for some people to support their daily activities. However, using a smartphone or cellphone for quite a long time has a negative impact on health. One of them is triggering migraines and headaches.

The use of smartphones for a long period of time is said to cause headaches for adult users, adolescents, and children.

Prolonged cell phone use can cause migraines, headaches and other health symptoms, including dizziness. The more time spent staring at a cellphone screen, the higher the risk of migraines and other symptoms.

However, several studies have revealed that headaches caused by using cell phones for too long are temporary. This means that the symptoms will appear after the user has used the cellphone for a long time. Headaches are also likely to only last for a few hours.

The consequences of playing a cellphone for too long can exacerbate headaches.

Even though headaches or migraines are only felt temporarily, using a cellphone for a long time cannot be taken lightly. Because, the risk could be worse.

According to a study published in the journal Neurology Clinical Practice, using a smartphone for long can worsen migraine and headache conditions. The study was conducted on 400 respondents who already had a history of headaches or migraines in India.

After asking about cell phone use habits, history of headaches, and medications taken, the researchers found that respondents who frequently used smartphones tended to consume more headache relievers.

However, the headaches they suffered only slightly subsided compared to respondents who did not use smartphones.

“The correlation (between cell phones and headaches) found in this study suggests that smartphone use could be a potential trigger for worsening headaches,” said Dr. Deepti Vibha, researcher and associate professor of neurology from the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi.

Vibha said, there were several mechanisms that could not be found in this study and might be solved in subsequent studies.Statistically

, research conducted by Vibha and the team resulted in as many as 96 percent of respondents who used smartphones consumed more headache medication than 81 percent of respondents who did not use smartphone.

As many as 84 percent of respondents said that they felt pain that felt “moderately relieved” and “completely relieved” after taking the drug. This percentage was smaller than non-smartphone users of 94 percent. Causes of headaches

due to using HP for too long

Vibha’s research did not explain the causes of worsening headache or migraines caused by using HP for too long.

However, several other studies have found that there is a possibility that unconscious habits while playing HP can trigger headaches indirectly.

For example, bending the neck while scrolling HP lingers. Habits called “text neck” is said to be able to put a strain on a person’s spine, equivalent to holding a weight of 9-13 colograms.

According to a study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, this tension can cause headaches. In addition, staring at the smartphone screen for a long time can also cause eye strain.

A report from the American Migraine Foundation found that eye strain or “eye strain” caused by improper eye focus, plus prolonged cell phone use, and also holding a smartphone too close to the face can cause headaches.

Although there are several hypotheses, Dr. Heidi Moawad, a neurologist who teaches at Case Western University School of Medicine and John Carroll University, said there was no definitive finding yet about the root cause of headaches from prolonged cell phone use.

“Whether it’s the position of the neck, the lighting of the phone, or the eye strain, or the stress of being connected all the time to the phone? The answers may only emerge in the following years,” says Dr. Moawad.

How to reduce headaches from playing cellphones for too long

There are several things that can be done to reduce the risk of headaches from using cellphones. Dr. Moawad suggests activating hands-free features and voice commands such as Siri or Google Assistant to reduce the habit of holding the phone for too long.

When calling, users are also advised to use a microphone so as not to hold the phone to their ear for a long time.

Users can also adjust the brightness level of the cellphone screen so that it is not too high. Also, use a font or style that is easy on the eyes to reduce eye strain.

Users also need to pay attention to body position to reduce spinal tension. Most importantly, reduce the amount of time you use your phone. You can use an alarm to limit phone usage time.

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