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IT Group of workers is Extra Had to Face Technological Advances within the Technology of Digitalization

The rapid advancement of technology in the current digitalization era has made information technology (IT) personnel increasingly needed.

ICT for Development Researcher Daniel Oscar Baskoro assesses the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the acceleration of digital services far from previous expectations.

According to Daniel, there are at least three things that have changed, and also have an impact on the use of technology.

“First is More Technology, since there is a pandemic there will be more and more new technologies that will emerge that will be used by our people to support their daily needs,” Daniel said as quoted on Tuesday (20/9/2022).

Second, he said, More Automation after the pandemic emerged more and more new automations were emerging that worked in various industries.

While the third is the existence of Less Mobility or borderless work.

“These three things are one of the important aspects of the rapid growth of digital services in the world,” added Daniel.

He predicts that in the years to come, technology and the internet will have an even greater impact on the world.

The information technology revolution in Indonesia is said to have changed the way of life of the Indonesian people, where people can more easily interact and exchange information.

Along with the development of IT , more and more IT personnel are being sought who will have great opportunities.

That’s why IDN.ID provides training and certification to help develop skills for IT workers.

IDN.ID founder Dedi Gunawan said that his party is ready to help professional IT personnel to improve skills and careers that can be followed offline and online.

“We continue to be committed to helping workers in the IT field to improve their skills and careers through training and certification that we hold at affordable and quality costs,” said Dedi.

In addition, IDN,ID provides IT scholarships and through the IDN Education Partner Program, and collaboration opportunities with all IT schools or campuses.


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