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Instagram Launches NFT Function In Indonesia, Creators Can Show Works

Good news for creators and collectors of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) digital assets in the country. After being tested in the United States last May, the NFT feature on Instagram finally officially arrived in Indonesia, on Friday (5/8/2022).

That way, Instagram users who are NFT creators and collectors in Indonesia can display their NFT directly on Instagram.

The presence of the NFT Instagram feature was announced directly by the Country Director for Meta in Indonesia, Pieter Lydian.

Pieter said, Instagram continues to explore Web3 technology because this technology has great potential to expand access, reduce costs, empower and accelerate innovation for people and creators around the world.

“Well, with the NFT feature on Instagram, we want to help creators and the NFT community to reach a wider audience, as well as monetize their digital collections,” Pieter said in Friday (5/8/2022) .

Pieter continued, going forward, Instagram users in Indonesia can also display and share their digital collections as AR stickers on Instagram Stories.

3 things you can do with Instagram’s NFT feature

dock. Instagram The NFT Instagram feature is officially available for users in Indonesia. With the NFT Instagram feature, users can do at least three things.

First, users can connect their digital wallet directly with Instagram. Once connected, creators and collectors can select NFTs from their digital wallets, then share them on Instagram.

For now, compatible digital wallets for Instagram users to use are Coinbase, Dapper, Rainbow, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet. The Phantom digital wallet will also soon be compatible with Instagram’s NFT feature.

Second, users can share digital collections. Once the creator or collector posts their digital collection, it will be displayed on the user’s profile. The collection will display a sparkling effect.

In addition, the NFT collection will also be marked with a tick symbol in the hexagon field. The symbol is accompanied by the caption “Digital Collectible”.

When the symbol is clicked, the user can see information about the NFT collection. For example, such as information on the NFT maker, NFT owner, description of the NFT, the type of blockchain used in the NFT, to the marketplace where the NFT is sold.

Currently, some of the blockchains supported by Instagram’s NFT feature are Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow. The Solana blockchain is said to be following suit.

Third, automatic tagging from creators and collectors. Creators and collectors can be automatically tagged in digital collection posts (depending on their privacy settings).

Instagram/ @pieterlydian An illustration of the NFT feature on Instagram that can be used to share NFT collections to Instagram. For example, in the launch of the NFT Instagram feature in Indonesia, Instagram collaborated with Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali.

Ghozali is the person who went viral for selling Ghozali Everyday’s NFT which contains his selfie.

Well, in the launch of this NFT feature, Ghozali made a special NFT that displays his distinctive selfie holding the Instagram logo.

In a post on his personal Instagram with the handle @pieterlydian, the NFT Ghozali is owned by Pieter and can be shared directly to Instagram feed posts.

In the post, Pieter’s Instagram account (@pieterlydian) is marked as the owner of NFT, while Ghozali’s Instagram account (@ghozaliphoto) is marked as the creator of NFT. This NFT collection post can also be shared on Instagram Stories or direct messages.

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