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In Addition To The Registered IMEI, The Authentic Ensure Will Save you Your Smartphone From Being Blocked

In this all-digital era, having a gadget such as a smart phone (smartphone) is certainly a must for everyone.

That’s because the smartphone is one of the electronic products that are needed to support the needs of the community in communicating widely.

Therefore, nowadays many people finally decide to buy a smartphone in order to facilitate their daily activities related to the internet, this of course makes them inseparable from using gadgets.

But there are things that need to be noted before you buy a smartphone, which is to make sure the gadget you buy has an official warranty.

Although the price is more expensive compared to smartphones that do not have an official warranty, the risk of harm can certainly be minimized.

Quoted from the disruptive.Asia page, Thursday (25/8/2022), Indonesia is a large market for mobile phone manufacturers including smartphones, with 60 million smartphones sold annually.

Meanwhile, in 2019, Indonesia is said to have lost IDR 2 trillion or the equivalent of 141 million United States (US) dollars in potential value added tax each year from illegally imported cellphones.

The Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) is also trying to protect consumer rights by enacting the IMEI control law on telecommunication devices.

Through the ratification of this regulation, for those of you who plan to buy a new smartphone, it’s good to pay attention to the series of benefits that can be obtained if you buy a smartphone with an official warranty.

Then what is the official warranty?

Official warranty is a warranty obtained from smartphones that are legally marketed by distributors in Indonesia who are directly appointed by the brand.

Well, here are 3 advantages that you can get if you buy a smartphone with an official warranty.

1. Qualified after-sales service

Smartphones with official guarantees are of course supported by official after-sales services as well.

This service will provide a sense of security for consumers if your smartphone is damaged.

If there is damage, then you simply take the smartphone to the nearest Service Center.

Your smartphone will be immediately repaired by experienced technicians and use more complete equipment and qualified Quality Control, so that the smartphone will return like new.

2. Provide the best experience

Buying a smartphone with an official warranty also provides the best and enjoyable experience for its users.

Please note, smartphones with official guarantees have passed the process set by various relevant authorities.

So that the quality of the product is guaranteed to be clear, the software used can be ensured to be safe, and minimal advertisements and bloatware applications that often make smartphone performance slow.

3. IMEI number is guaranteed to be registered

If you don’t want blocking to occur on the smartphone you just bought, then be wise in buying a smartphone with an official warranty.

Because the IMEI control regulation set by the government targets Black Market (BM) smartphones because the IMEI is not registered with the Ministry of Industry.

An unregistered IMEI number will certainly make you unable to use cellular services in Indonesia.

On the other hand, if you buy a smartphone with an official warranty, the IMEI number of the smartphone can be confirmed to have been registered with the Ministry of Industry.

IMEI is a unique code on a smartphone that consists of 14 to 16 digits and is valid internationally.

This IMEI number is not only for trading needs and knowing the type of smartphone, but also for the security of the smartphone used.

Well, you can look for smartphones with an official warranty on Erafone, because smartphones are officially sold and guaranteed by Teletama Artha Mandiri (TAM), which is one of the official smartphone distributors in Indonesia.

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