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In 2023, Google Will Flip Off Boulevard View Particular Programs

So far, Google Maps users must be familiar with the Street View feature, where users can see a 360-degree view of a location.

But did you realize that in fact, Google also has a special application for Street View that is separate from Google Maps for iOS and Android users?

If you intend to download it, maybe you won’t be able to enjoy it for a long time. The reason is, Google has stated that it will remove this standalone Google Street View application in 2023.

The standalone Google Street View application is actually intended for those who want to explore Street View more deeply, as well as those who want to contribute their own 360-degree view.

The more popular Google Maps app, however, also has Street View support. Meanwhile, Google also has a Street View Studio web application for contributors. It wouldn’t be surprising if the company wanted to remove it.

Quoted from 9to5Google, Thursday (11/3/2022), in the latest update version, Google has prepared several termination notifications for the Street View application.

In a notice seen by 9to5Google, Google confirmed that the Street View app would close on March 21, 2023. Users were also asked to switch to Google Maps or Street View Studio.

The notification does not appear in the Google Street View application. However, the 9to5Google team managed to get it working their way.

“The Street View App will be discontinued,” reads the notification as found by 9to5Google. “This app will go and support will be discontinued at the end of March 21, 2023,” they said.

“To publish your own 360 videos, switch to Street View Studio. To view Street View and add Photo Spheres, use Google Maps,” the notice adds.

Unfortunately, there is one feature that will die with the Street View application, namely “Photo Paths” which was first released last year.

Photo Paths is intended to allow anyone with a smartphone to contribute a simple 2D photo of a street or path that has not been documented by Street View.

The Photo Paths feature doesn’t have a replacement either on the Google Maps web or mobile app. It is also unknown whether a similar feature will also be released on Maps or not.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic situation which is considered to be better, Google Maps has apparently removed the layer from its application, which shows hotspots or “hot spots” from the spread of Covid-19.

The Covid-19 layer itself was previously presented by Google on Maps in 2020 for mobile and web applications, which shows Covid-19 trends in an area.

Citing 9to5Google, Thursday (10/27/2022), this layer draws an average of seven days of Covid-19 cases in a given area, to show where the virus is spreading faster.

This feature was quickly released globally in all countries with access to Google Maps, as well as in low data areas where available.

With this layer, the map area will be color coded based on the case ratio and a label indicating whether the cases are increasing or decreasing.

“This COVID layer is designed to inform users who want to travel somewhere, so they can make decisions about what to do,” said Google Maps Project Manager Sujoy Banerjee at the time.

But in September 2022, Google without a clear announcement removed this feature. Although some time ago, the company finally confirmed the removal of this layer on its official support page.

Google said the main reason for removing this feature was decreased usage, in addition to the wider availability of a Covid-19 vaccine and other resources.

Google said the Covid-19 layer was released in 2020 with the aim of helping the public get information about the spread of Covid-19 cases in an area.

“Over time, as people around the world now have easier access to information about the COVID-19 vaccine, test sites, and other references, their need for this information has also changed,” he said.

“Due to less and less use, the COVID-19 layer will no longer be available on Google Maps for mobile and web starting September 2022,” Google said in the announcement.

However, Google emphasized that users can still find the latest information about COVID-19, such as variants, vaccinations, test results, precautions, and more on Google Search.

Users can also still find places such as Covid-19 test centers and vaccine centers on Maps.

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