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How To Translate Languages ​​Through Mobile Cameras On Google Translate

Here’s how to translate languages ​​through the cellphone camera in the Google Translate application.

Translating languages ​​using a cellphone camera on Google Translate, any language text will be translated into another language as desired.

The translating feature via HP does not need to manually copy and paste as usual using Google Translate.

Please note, to access this advanced feature of Google Translate, you must allow the use of the camera while using the application.

The process of translating languages ​​using a cellphone camera is just a way of highlighting the lens on the text only.

Here’s how to translate the language with the HP camera highlight

How to translate language via cellphone camera on Google Translate:

– Open the Google Play Store or App Store app to download Google Translate;

– Once the download is complete, open the Google Translate app;

– Set the desired language;

For example, if you want to translate English text into Indonesian, select Indonesian on the left, then English on the right. As directed by the two arrows icon.

– Next, click on the blue camera image icon;

– There are 3 icons under the screen which are how to translate;

– First, the left side icon, i.e. Instant is used to translate directly without a camera shot;

The translated text will appear below the sentence.

– Second, the middle side icon named Scan or Scan, which translates the text from the results of capturing images, or camera shots first;

You can block sentences or words in the text you want to translate.

Click the white arrow icon in the blue bar in the corner.

After that Google Translate processes and copies the translation into the text field.

– Third, right side icon is Import;

This optional feature will scan photos in the HP gallery folder.

Just like Scan, the translated text will appear in the Google Translate translation column.

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