4 Ways to Delete Personal Data on the Internet

The use of the internet in daily life makes a person’s data definitely on the internet, no matter how small. The next question, what should be done to secure the data?

Maybe you are okay with sharing your photos on Instagram. However, what about the details of the activities and activities you do with the internet?

Launching CNET, Tuesday (4/10/2022) these are at least four things that must be done to start removing yourself from the internet. You can do it from now on.


1. Delete or deactivate the account

Try to remember, what accounts do you have that you no longer use? For example, Tumblr, MySpace, Reddit, Twitter and other social media accounts. Or, is there a shopping site that you have used and that has your personal information?

Immediately find out and deactivate the account to delete the data. If you are confused, you can ask Google ‘how to deactivate an account (site)’ to make sure what steps you should take next.


2. Delete data from the site that retrieved it

There are companies that take your information, called data brokers. Well-known examples are Spokeo or PeopleFinder. However, it is a bit difficult because you have to submit a request to delete your data. Therefore, there are services that offer assistance in deleting data taken by data brokers such as DeleteMe. There is a fee taken for the subscription.


3. Ask Google for help

If there is personal information that you don’t want others to share, such as bank numbers or photos, you can apply to delete the data. Visit https://support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905 to write an application form.


4. Delete your email!

Email stores a lot of personal information. If you really want to remove yourself from the internet, the extreme step of deleting email is the first way to get started. But remember, to disappear from the internet is not for a moment. It can take a few days for your data on the internet to disappear from there.

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