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Getting access to Unlawful Streaming is a chance of contracting a malware virus or even robbery of Non-public Information

Advances in technology have made it possible for anyone to access films directly or stream them illegally.

Even though it seems practical, there is a danger behind this action, such as being vulnerable to being infiltrated by malware on the digital devices used.

In addition, this action is included in the category of theft of other people’s copyrights which violates the law.

This was discussed in the webinar themed “Cultivate Legality in Digital Spaces: Avoid Illegal Streaming!”, Tuesday (29/11/2022) which was organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informatics together with the National Digital Literacy Movement (GNLD) Sibercreation.

This webinar presented a number of speakers, namely IAI Communication Studies lecturer Dalwa Pasuruan Muhajir Sulthonul Aziz; Head of the Digital Economy and MSME Sector of Sobat Cyber ​​Indonesia Muhammad Miqdad Nizam Fahmi; and literacy activist Muh Akbar.

In his presentation, Muhajir said that the impact of technological advances has made it easier for someone to access illegal streaming. However, there are a number of dangers behind this action, such as digital devices being vulnerable to malware infection, phishing against personal data, stealing personal account login data, criminals can monitor our activities, and have the potential to be exposed to pornographic content.

“In order to avoid the potential dangers of illegal streaming, you should access it from an official and accountable site. Don’t just click on links whose sources are unclear,” said Muhajir.

Muhajir reminded that illegal streaming activities could be detrimental to other parties, such as companies whose income was reduced because the company’s copyrights were stolen and enjoyed by other parties illegally.

This activity is also called a lack of respect for the work of others. For perpetrators, illegal streaming has the potential to become victims of personal data theft or are vulnerable to malware infiltration on the digital devices they use.

Muhammad Miqdad confirmed that illegal streaming activities are popular in Indonesia. Based on the results of the YouGov for Coalition Against Privacy survey from the Asia Video Industry Association, as many as 63 percent of Indonesians like to access illegal streaming sites.

In fact, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics throughout 2019 has blocked 1,946 sites that violate copyrights and patents.

“However, blocking cannot stop illegal viewing sites because these sites will appear using a new domain,” said Miqdad.

According to Miqdad, the ease of accessing illegal streaming is one of the reasons this activity is popular with the public. Besides being easy, of course users don’t have to pay like legal customers to be able to access the site. Moreover, shows on illegal streaming sites can be downloaded.

Muh Akbar added, digital literacy needs to be re-enforced at all levels of society so that people who use digital space understand the importance of respecting other people’s works and copyrights. Apart from that, it should also be understood that illegal activity in the digital space is an activity that violates the law and can lead to crime.

“What is equally important is law enforcement itself. Not enough with invitations or campaigns, but without law enforcement, everything will be in vain,” said Akbar.

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