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Check Out What Future Technology Trends Are, Apart from Metaverse and 3 Others

In the past people couldn’t imagine having a smartphone, but now it’s normal. So what about future technology trends?

If the ancients could not imagine the existence of HP technology, maybe we are now imagining the future. The technology of the future is likely to be even more powerful and unexpected.

Accenture, a global professional services company already provides technology predictions for the future. This was conveyed at the ‘Accenture Technology Vision 2022: Meet Me in the Metaverse’ event, Jakarta, Wednesday (8/6/2022).

What are the predictions? Check it out below, detikers. If you have other predictions, you can write them in the comments column.

Managing Director of Applied Intelligence Lead for Indonesia, Budiono said that in the future Metaverse and Web3 will be very developed. He said, Metaverse and Web3 will certainly reshape the internet.

Instead of being a collection of different sites and applications, Metaverse will lead to a 3D environment where moving from one place to another will be as easy as walking from one room to another.

As technologies such as 5G, ambient computing, augmented reality, and smart materials develop, the digital environment will be more and more integrated into the physical world. This environment will not only reshape how people connect to the virtual world, but also redefine what is built into it, how people interact, and the control they have.

The main point of discussing this topic is synthetic data, where artificial intelligence (AI) becomes the basic knowledge to build a world. With cyberspace becoming a reality, now is the time for leaders to prepare their businesses for this trend.

From the TechVision 2022 report, 92% of Indonesian executives report that their company is committed to validating data sources and using authentic AI.

Managing Director Head of Technology Lead for Indonesia, Retno Kusumawati, believes in the development of computers in the modern era.

“Perhaps you have used quantum computing, high performance computing. This computer processes data using less energy,” explained Retno.

According to the same report, 72% of Indonesian executives agree that more sophisticated computers can change a company. 88% of respondents agree that next generation computing can solve problems that were not solved before.

“Computers are developing very, very rapidly, we are now more advanced and advanced. We have to think about how we adapt. Very interesting, the pandemic is forced to evolve, more digital. So, are you ready for systemic change in the industry?” he said.

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