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Bad Information From Twitch, Earnings Percentage For Streamers Decreased To 50:50

– The live streaming platform Twitch has adjusted its revenue-sharing policy for large content creators whose income exceeds US$100,000 per year.

This was conveyed by the company from the United States (US) in an announcement released on the official Twitch blog.

Twitch president Dan Clancy said that content creators who had hit the revenue figures mentioned above would share revenue with Twitch on a 50:50 (50 percent) scheme.

Previously, the profit-sharing system they got was bigger, which is 70 percent of the total income, aka 70:30.

Dan said that this policy will take effect on June 1, 2023 and will only apply to content creators who are registered in Twitch’s premium partnership program.

The Twitch premium partnership program is a special program for content creators who are already popular and big on Twitch, perhaps those who already have an income of over $100,000 per year.

The content creators who are registered in Twitch’s standard partnership program from the start have agreed that their revenue sharing policy with Twitch is 50:50.

That said, this new policy will only affect about 10 percent of the total content creators on Twitch. Because most of the content creators on the platform have a standard partnership with Twitch.

Expensive rent

So, why was this policy made? According to Dan, they had to implement this new policy because the rental fee to provide live streaming services was quite expensive.

“Bringing high-quality live streaming videos with low latency to the world requires a lot of money,” said Dan, quoted by KompasTekno from Twitch.com, Thursday (22/9/2022).

“Even when referring to the current cost of the Interactive Video Service (IVS) service from Amazon Web Services (AWS), the rental fee per 100 content creators delivering 200 hours of live streaming content simultaneously is $1,000. per month,” added Dan.

And did not mention whether this rental fee increased from the previous rental fee or not. What is clear, he currently just wants to be more transparent regarding Twitch’s operational costs to bring quality live streaming content to all users in the world.

And continued, going forward, Twitch content creators who are affected by this new policy will receive an e-mail from Twitch to get more information regarding this latest revenue-sharing mechanism.

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