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Apple boss puzzled about what the metaverse is

Metaverse is a new thing that makes many people confused, and Apple CEO Tim Cook is no exception. According to him, let alone living in the metaverse, maybe most people will not know what the metaverse is.

“I think it’s really important for people to know fit. And I’m not sure that most people can define the metaverse,” Cook said.

Then Cook also expressed his distrust of VR technology, precisely whether people would want to spend a long time with VR devices in the future.

“(VR) is something you can really immerse yourself in. And it can be used for good things. But I don’t think you want to spend your life that way. VR is made for a certain period of time, not as a way of communicating, ” he added.

In fact, Apple has recently been rumored to be building augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) devices. But apparently Cook is not ready to mention that Apple will penetrate the metaverse.

This contrasts with Meta, the parent of Facebook, which has poured billions of dollars into building the metaverse. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg once told his employees that Meta is in deep competition with Apple to build the metaverse.

“This is a competition of philosophies and ideas, where they (Apple) believe that building everything themselves and integrating them tightly will be better for the consumer experience,” concluded Zuck.

Zuck further said that Apple’s approach to building the metaverse is different from Meta, which builds it as an open platform where many other companies can build it.

Cook’s comments above made him the CEO of the umpteenth major company to express his skepticism about the Metaverse. Previously there was also Snap CEO Evan Spiegel who said his company avoided using the word metaverse, because the word was considered ambiguous and still floating around.

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