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According to a survey: Indonesians are more loyal to local e-commerce

Digital survey results ‘Jakpat Special Report e-Commerce Semester 1 2021′ found that Indonesian consumers are more loyal to local e-commerce or the work of the nation’s children.

This survey was taken based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) parameter, one of the main benchmarks for e-commerce businesses in customer loyalty metrics that predicts the likelihood that customers will repurchase from a seller or recommend directly to friends.

Quoting a press release received by Tekno Liputan6.com, Monday (6/9/2021), in the Jakpat survey involving 1,054 respondents in 25 provinces, Tokopedia’s position was at the top, followed by Shopee, Bukalapak, Lazada, and JD.ID. .

During the first semester of 2021, Tokopedia’s NPS figure was 49 percent of the 567 respondents. This illustrates that about 49 percent of e-commerce users of the nation’s children provide recommendations to other consumers.

The second position is Shopee with 42 percent NPS, Bukalapak 32 percent, Lazada 32 percent, and JD.ID with the same number of 32 percent NPS.

Interestingly, about 9 percent of 837 Shopee respondents do not recommend using this e-commerce platform. With the same parameters, there are 5 percent of respondents who do not recommend Tokopedia.

There are three categories of responses in the NPS, namely promoters who provide recommendations to other consumers. Then passive who do not behave and detractors are the type of respondents who do not provide recommendations.

The Jakpat survey also stated that out of 567 respondents, 91 percent said they were satisfied and very satisfied when transacting on Tokopedia. Tokopedia’s customer satisfaction level is at level 4.41 from a scale of 1-5.

For comparison, out of 837 respondents, Shopee’s satisfaction level is at level 4.38 from a scale of 1-5. Meanwhile, Bukalapak, which has just succeeded in its IPO, has a satisfaction level of 4.2 out of 204 respondents.

In the midst of a pandemic that limits these interactions, a number of e-commerce companies have the characteristics of best-selling products that are not much different.

At Tokopedia, Bukalapak and JD.ID, the best-selling products are cellphone accessories, household appliances, clothing, hobbies and collections as well as body care.

Based on data from Similiarweb for the period January-June 2021, Tokopedia is the most visited e-commerce platform for Indonesians.

Per month, Tokopedia is visited 132.8 million times. The following below are Shopee (116 million times) and Bukalapak (28.9 million).

Indef’s Center for Innovation and Digital Economy researcher Nailul Huda assessed that Tokopedia’s user loyalty was higher than its competitors, indicating that the platform has more value than others.

Some of these factors include product completeness, price, payment system, to service delivery of goods to consumers.

“Last year Shopee became number one, and now Tokopedia is able to compete. This consumer shift cannot be separated from Tokopedia’s intensive program to attract consumers, one of which is free shipping in collaboration with Gojek,” he said.

With the abundance of e-commerce in the country, according to Nailul, e-commerce competition in winning the hearts of consumers has become very tight.

But from the consumer side, this is very good because they can have the flexibility in choosing where to shop, as well as a means of payment for various needs such as electricity bills, internet, credit cards, and others.

“Therefore, maintaining loyalty is very important and challenging. Because even though consumers are satisfied with shopping at one particular e-commerce, they still shop at other e-commerce for other needs,” he concluded.

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