8 credit-sucking applications that attack millions of Android users

Security researchers have again discovered a dangerous Android application that is used to spread pulse-sucking malware. Worse, these applications have been downloaded three million times!

Malware called ‘Autolycos’ is still fairly new. Maxime Ingrao, a security researcher from Evina, found this malware hiding in eight Android applications on the Google Play Store.

Fortunately, currently these eight malicious applications have been removed by Google. Even so, before being deleted these applications seem to have taken quite a number of victims because they have been downloaded more than three million times.

Two apps, Vlog Star Video Editor and Creative 3D Launcher, have even been downloaded more than a million times. The following is a complete list of the eight latest malicious applications that carry the Autolycos malware, as quoted from Bleeping Computer, Thursday (14/7/2022).

Ingrao said he discovered these rogue apps in June 2021 and immediately reported his findings to Google. But Google only took action six months later and only removed six apps from the Play Store.

Two other apps, Funny Camera and Razer Keyboard & Theme, were only banned from the Play Store after BleepingComputer published their articles.

Autolycos itself is a malware that can perform malicious actions silently, such as accessing URLs in remote browsers and entering the results in HTTP requests instead of using Webview.

In many cases, this malware-infected application can request permission to access the user’s SMS content. In the end, this malware will register users to premium subscription services and suck up the user’s credit or make the bill swell.

Even though they have been removed by Google, these apps still carry a pretty big risk. Android users who have already downloaded these eight dangerous applications are encouraged to immediately delete them from their cellphones.

Android users are also asked to monitor background internet usage and battery consumption, activate Google Play Protect and minimize the number of applications downloaded on their devices.