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5 Stephen Hawking’s Predictions About Earth’s Apocalypse

The physicist Stephen Hawking once gave his prediction about the apocalypse, aka the destruction of the Earth. During his lifetime, Professor Hawking was a very vocal person in discussing the fate of the Earth.

Launching the Mirror, here are 5 doomsday scenarios according to Stephen Hawking’s version. Will Hawking’s prediction come true if humans continue to turn a blind eye to the current state of the Earth?

Hawking predicts that we could die in less than 600 years if the Earth is overpopulated and humans’ excessive energy consumption continues.

At the Tencent WE Summit Beijing, Hawking gave his opinion on the threat of the Earth becoming a fireball.

“In the year 2600, the world’s population will be full and the consumption of electricity will make the Earth glow red hot,” he said.

Professor Hawking also fears that artificial intelligence will take over human power.

“We have to advance the development of artificial intelligence but have to be aware of the very real dangers. I’m afraid AI will replace humans. If people design computer viruses, someone will design their own replica AI,” Hawking said.

Stephen Hawking’s next fear is human aggression against other humans, such as war. It is not impossible if the civil war will actually be the beginning of the apocalypse on Earth.

Hawking believes, if we don’t look for another planet that we can inhabit in the near future, at least in 100 years, Earth could be destroyed and annihilate the entire human civilization. Moreover, climate change, overpopulation and pandemics will continue to threaten humans.

Yes, Hawking said that Donald Trump, who was then president, could make policies that threaten the safety of the Earth. Moreover, Trump announced at that time that he would not sign the Paris agreement on climate change.


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