3 Elon Musk’s Causes for Purchasing Twitter

1. Making Twitter a Trusted Platform 

Reporting from the Washington Post, Elon Musk explained that buying Twitter not solely to make money. Musk mentions that he doesn’t care about the economy. 

His intention to buy Twitter was based on his desire to have a public platform that users can trust maximally and is broadly inclusive. Of course, this requires a long process that takes weeks or months. 

When announcing the offer, several names of Twitter before Elon Musk began to be discussed in the media. Starting from Jack Dorsey who then turned to William and Dick Costolo. However, in 2015, Jack Dorsey returned to his position as CEO of Twitter until the end of 2021. After resigning, this CEO position was finally replaced by Parag Agrawal. 

When announcing his offer, Elon Musk said he wanted to retain as many shareholders as possible, in accordance with the provisions of the law. However, regarding the leadership team or potential directors, there has been no further notification regarding this matter. 

Musk simply stated that Twitter needed to be transformed as a private company. If it maintains its current form, then this platform will not be able to develop. 

2. Platform for Free Speech 

Still quoting from the Washington Post, the reason Elon Musk bought Twitter was to present Twitter as a platform for free speech. In an interview Musk stated that for him, Twitter is a very important platform for various points of view. 

That’s why he wants to instill in people the perception that they have the right to speak freely, but within the limits of the applicable law. For the sake of his desire, Musk willing to buy Twitter at a fantastic price. If converted into rupiah, the takeover of Twitter for US$44 billion is worth Rp682.6 trillion. 

However, this is only an “ordinary” value considering Elon Musk’s wealth of US $ 209.1 billion.plan Musk for free speech has been criticized by various quarters for allowing extremist content to be allowed. 

One of the news that is currently rife regarding Twitter as a platform for free speech is his desire to lift the permanent ban on Donald Trump. According to Musk, Twitter should be careful with the permanent ban. He suggested replacing “ban” with suspension or “time-out”. 

3. Combating

Elon Musk’s Twitter is currently the most searched keyword after he announced he would buy the Twitter platform. Quoted from NPR, the Tesla CEO has ambitions to fight against the ” bot“. 

Is a fake account that is given a program to respond to tweets on certain topics. In addition to combating the proliferation of bots, it also supports the introduction of an edit button on Twitter. This is meant for users to be able to change/edit what they write. Those are the three reasons Elon Musk bought Twitter that made him willing to spend billions of dollars.


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